Deputy Supervisor

Jim Sharpe
Jim Sharpe
Phone: 716-773-9600

What does the Deputy Supervisor do? 
The Deputy Supervisor manages and tracks projects, grants, and initiatives. He advises the Supervisor and represents him at events and meetings. He chairs committees, maintains personnel and public relations, and  oversees technology.

The Town Law Manual states that "The town supervisor appoints the deputy supervisor...[who] serves at the pleasure of the town supervisor. When a town supervisor is absent or unable to act, the deputy supervisor may perform the supervisor's duties. The definition of 'absence' must be reasonable, because as the Attorney General's Office stated 'clearly, not every momentary unavailability of the supervisor will constitute an absence within.' Finally, although the deputy supervisor may act instead of the supervisor, unless the deputy supervisor is a member of the town board, he or she has no authority to vote on matters before the town board." (Article 3, 2-18).