Technology Advisory Board

Grand Island Technology Advisory Board 

The Grand Island Town Technology Advisory Board promotes the use of technology to increase the efficiency of operations, support the safety and well-being of the community, as to enhance the lives of its residents.

 This Advisory Board will meet with the town appointed Town Board Liaison, and guests on the 3rd Thursday of every month as needed at 7 PM in Town Hall.  The membership shall be 10 members and two alternates with one member designated as Chair.

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Grand Island Technology Advisory Board Members:

  • James Watts, Chair - 2021
  • Ron Stipp, Chair - 2023
  • Dan Shvimer, Vice-Chair - 2021
  • Paul Roeder - 2020
  • Robert Christmann - 2024
  • Robin Kwiatek - 2025
  • John Ferguson - 2019
  • Michael Lockett - 2019
  • Ethan Huber - 2020
  • Judy Schmidt - 2022
  • Nathan McMurray, Town Board Liaison

Ten members are appointed to seven year terms, expiring on December 31 of the year indicated.

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