Advisory Boards

About the Advisory Boards

The Town of Grand Island has various volunteer advisory boards, commissions and committees. These groups meet regularly to offer advice and make recommendations to the Town Board on a wide variety of subjects. Each is unique in its size, meeting schedule and specific function; however, the overall mission is the same: To make Grand Island a place in which we can be proud to live, work and play.  Citizens who serve on these boards and commissions perform a community service using their skills, interests and initiatives to make the difference. These volunteers believe that the Island should indeed become "A Grand Place to Live" for each of us.

Click on the Advisory Boards to learn the exact responsibilities of each Advisory Board or contact a Town Board member for more information. Interested citizens should send a letter of interest to the Town Board if they wish to be considered for any of these positions. 

Public Notice on Advisory Board meetings (amended 4/19/18)

CAB is holding an additional meeting this month - March 22, 6:30 pm, in Town Hall. (This is in addition to the March 28 meeting.)

Advisory Board Openings

The Town of Grand island is looking for residents to fill the following board vacancies:
Conservation Advisory Board (one alternate);
Economic Development Advisory Board (two alternates);
Human Rights Commission (one active member); Technology Advisory Board (one alternate); T
raffic Safety Advisory Board (two alternates).

Please send your resume and or qualifications to:
Town Supervisor Nathan D. McMurray by February 22, 2019.

or mail/drop off to:
Town Hall
2255 Baseline Road
Grand Island, NY 14072