Library Trustees


The Grand Island Memorial Library was founded in 1945 as a tribute to those who served their country in times of conflict. It is now chartered as a town public library and administered by five trustees. The Library Director is Mr. Lynn Alan Konovitz. The Library is located in Veterans Park at 1715 Bedell Road.

They meet quarterly on Thursdays at the library at 7:30 pm.  Contact 773-9600 x622 for dates.

Library Trustees

Members of the Library Trustees:

  • Patrina Rizzuto, Trustee - 2021
  • Jill Banaszak - President - 2019
  • Agnes Becker - Secretary - 2022
  • Richard Crawford - Vice-President - 2020
  • Richard Earne - Treasurer - 2018
  • MIchael Madigan, Town Board Liaison

Five trustees are appointed to five year terms expiring on December 31 of the year indicated.

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