Planning Board

This board's mission is three-fold: 

  • to recommend to the Town Board any laws, regulations or rules that relate to town planning and development, 
  • to report to the Town Board on all matters referred to it including all applications for site plan, sub-division, special use and zoning changes, 
  • to make such investigations, maps, reports and recommendations in connection with the planning and development of the town as it deems desirable.

They meet on the 2nd Monday of the month in the first floor Conference Room at Town Hall. 

See the 2018 meeting and application schedule HERE.


Planning Board Info

Members of the Planning Board:

  • David Bruno, Chair - 2022
  • Robert Starzynski,- 2020
  • Frank Greco - 2023
  • Sandra Lare - 2019
  • David Duchscherer - 2024
  • Norm Stessing - 2018
  • Benjamin Bidell - Alternate
  • Timothy Worrall - Alternate
  • Beverly Kinney, Town Board Liaison
  • Peter Marston, Town Board Liaison

Seven members serve seven year terms expiring on December 31 of the year indicated.

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