Greenway Votes DeGlopper Project Consistent

The purpose of the presentation was to allow the Greenway Commission to determine if the project is consistent with the Greenway vision. The Town Supervisor said, "I had a strong feeling they weren’t ready to vote for the project. They didn’t understand that the memorial park will act as a hub for connectivity all over the Island."

Charles N. DeGlopper was hero, and recognition on the Island is long overdue. He was a kind hearted boy who gave his life for his fellow soldiers. And he received the Medal of Honor. That’s a big deal. The Town Supervisor said, "I wanted to do the DeGlopper family and the entire Island proud and help secure the funding to make this memorial a reality. I felt a great burden to do it right."

The leaky old gas tanks have already been removed. The property looks better than ever, thanks to hard-working volunteers, but there is still a ways to go. Today was the first of many hurdles to finishing the project. The presentation convinced the Commission that this park will connect our state parks and enhance Grand Island’s contribution to the Greenway. The Supervisor concluded, "I promise you that I will do my best to make it happen, and I’m very proud that today we were able to convince the panel of the importance of Charles DeGlopper."