Project Olive - Supplemental Submission for Application

On February 21, 2020, the Town of Grand Island received an application for a planned development district at 2780 Long Road submitted by TC Buffalo Development, LLC.  The application proposed the construction of an “e-commerce storage and distribution facility for consumer products by a single confidential prospective entity”.  

At that time the Town Board made a commitment to the residents of evaluating this project in an open and transparent manner.  That commitment included keeping the community closely advised of all information the Town receives as well as any opportunities for public input relating to the proposed project.  

Work has begun on plans to provide a safe platform for public hearings during this time of restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  We will continue to post updates with the hope to introduce a viable process very soon.  

In that effort to remain transparent and provide our community with information as it is received, you will find below a link to the supplemental submission received today.  This submission is on behalf of TC Buffalo and includes detailed responses to comments from the Town Board, the Town Planning Board, the Town Long Range Planning Advisory Board, the Town Conservation Advisory Board, and the community’s feedback received since submission of the Application. 
Project Olive - Supplemental Submission for Application

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