Town Partners with Local Agencies to Address Questions Related to Solar Energy - June 30

Town Partners with Local Agencies to Address Questions Related to Solar Energy:
June 30, 2020 at 2 p.m.

           In response to the needs and questions of many Grand Island residents about solar energy throughout their community, The Town of Grand Island has partnered up with two local agencies to provide a virtual, live presentation with a question and answer session.

          Golden Age Center Director Jennifer Menter, Councilwoman Jennifer Baney, Councilman Thomas Digati, Regional Clean Energy Coordinator Jason Kulaszewski, and Program Assistant with PUSH Buffalo Lou DeJesus have been collaborating to bring a seminar to Grand Island residents. This seminar stemmed from inquiries from residents about solar parks and the desire of residents to know more about community solar plans.

          “As public officials, we get a lot of inquiries, and I frequently hear from residents wanting to know more about their options to buy into existing community solar,” said Councilwoman Baney. “I reached out to some experts in the field that we have worked with before, so that our residents can feel educated and informed about solar projects that are happening in their community. There will be a focus on consumer protection and how to determine if a company is reputable, which was a very important component to me.”

        “I look forward to joining forces with PUSH Buffalo and the Town of Grand Island and learning more about solar energy with the senior population.  Learning how solar energy works, how to be more energy efficient, how to reduce energy consumption, and how to share this information through this virtual platform is an exciting and interactive way to learn about this popular energy source.  I look forward to this presentation and this partnership,” said Jen Menter, of the GAC.

        “UBRI is happy to support efforts on Grand Island to educate residents about the benefits of solar energy. The town has been a local leader in solar development, and this event will continue to build on the success of previous educational campaigns like 2018’s Solarize Grand Island that helped Grand Island become a designated Clean Energy Community,” shared Kulaszewski.

The seminar is on June 30th at 2pm. Residents can join the interactive session by logging into the Solar Energy Zoom Meeting at the following direct link:

The Meeting ID is 898 5615 3493 and the Passcode is 025688. 

Residents can also call in to listen to the meeting and ask follow-up questions at the following phone number: 1-646-558-8656 and entering the Meeting ID.

The meeting will be livestreamed and available for later viewing at the Town of Grand Island YouTube page. Questions can be directed to Councilwoman Baney at 716-622-9006.