This service is available for routine homeowner tree trimming only.  This does not include tree removal.  We do not pickup branches from lots being cleared by builders or private owners. We will not pick up any branch debris left by tree removal contractors.

  •  All Branches must be no larger than 6" in diameter.
  • All Branches must be piled as neatly as possible with all cut ends facing the road.
  • Please do not place heavier logs on top of branch pile.
  • We will not pickup branches on private property.
  • We do not pick up stumps, roots, leaves, lawn sweepings, vines etc.
  • Branches should not be stacked more than 4 ft. high.

 Branch pickup is now done by route; we no longer have a branch pickup list.  We will start at one end of the island and continue until the entire island is completed.  Time frames will be determined by weather conditions, precedent duties, equipment, quantity of pickups and manpower.

Branch Pick up: Limited pick-ups from
September 1st thru October 15th,
at this time we begin to turn the trucks over for the Winter Salting/Plowing season.

 If you have any questions or an unusual situation, please call the Highway Department at 773-9632.

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