Project Olive Public Hearing - Procedures



  •  Public Hearing will begin at 7:00pm with Live Stream to YouTube Channel via ZOOM.  Live Stream is easily accessed on the Home page of website:
  • To speak via ZOOM email Jennifer Baney ( to be added to the queue.  ZOOM speakers will be after in person residents are heard.
  • To speak in person: Social distancing must be observed at all times, both in line to enter the building as well as while in the building. 
    • Residents will speak in the order which they arrive, there will be no scheduling of speakers.  The line will move forward one at a time once the Hearing begins.
    • Line will begin at Lower Lobby of Town Hall and will run along the side of the building toward the Fire Hall.  The line will be marked with cones 6 feet apart to maintain social distancing.  (This will be set up by 6pm). 
    • Barricades will be used in the Town Hall parking lot area by GI Blvd entrance to block a walking/waiting area to connect to sidewalk by Fire Hall along GI Blvd.
    • Town Hall doors will be locked until 6:45 pm and residents admitted up to allowable capacity limitations. 
    • When residents enter, they will sign in and have temp checked.  If temp is 99 degrees or over, they will not be allowed in the building.
    • Face mask must be worn while in the building.
    • The floor will be marked for 6 feet social distancing requirements and residents will continue in line using the right stairwell to the Court Room.
    • At 7pm residents will enter the court room maintaining 6 feet social distancing.  After speaking each speaker will then exit using the second floor doors out into the upper parking lot and then walk around the outside of building to lower parking lot. There will be no gathering inside Town Hall or the Court Room.
    • Audio of the public hearing for those waiting outside of the Town Hall will be broadcast on speakers.
    • Rules of conduct will apply to attendees both inside Town Hall and outside waiting area. 
    • Any gatherings or protesting will be asked to stay in a designated area.  This area will be set up prior to 6pm. 

 Should you have additional questions please contact Rhonda Diehl at 716-773-9600 Ext. 617.