The chipping of brush/branches is for the general yard maintenance of trimming on a residential property.    All branches should be a minimum of 4 ft. in length, neatly stacked with butt ends facing the roadway no more than 3 ft. high.

The program is not meant for clearing of lots.  If a contractor is hired, they are to dispose of and remove all brush/branches, the HIGHWAY DEPARTMENT WILL NOT PICK UP FOR THE CONTRACTOR.

We do not pick up root balls or wood cut exceeding 6 inches.

Please understand that chipping is an extremely hazardous service that the highway department provides and appreciates your cooperation.  We do not pick up decorative grasses, plants with vines or weeds.  If we see poison ivy or poison oak we will not pick up.  It is the resident’s responsibility to dispose of the weed.

We assign two summer crews for pick up 5 days per week from May 15 thru August 31 each year.

Limited pick ups from September 1st thru October 15th, at this time we begin to turn the trucks over for the Winter Salting/Plowing season.

Exceptions to this will be made when we experience ice/sleet and high wind/rain events.

 Town Clerk Patricia A. Frentzel announced that the 2019/2020 School Tax Bills have been mailed.  If you have changed banks, have paid off your mortgage or do not have an escrow account and did not receive a tax bill, please contact the Town Clerk’s office at 773-9600 ext. 620.  The regular office hours are 8:30am - 5:00pm.  The office will be open Saturday, October 12, 2019, 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM.  Checks should be made payable to Town Clerk.  The last day to pay without penalty is October 15.  The office will be open until 6:00pm on Tuesday, October 15, 2019.  Envelopes must show a legible postmark of October 15 to be accepted on time.  Taxpayers should call the office for correct amounts for payments made October 16 and later.  Payments can be made until December 2, 2019.  After this date, payments must be sent to the County.

Local Waterfront Revitalization Program

Please provide some thoughts on potential opportunities and issues in the waterfront via the
Community Feedback Form


Southbound South Grand Island Bridge to be Reduced to One Lane for Northbound and Southbound Traffic

Severe Delays Expected in Both Directions for the Duration of the Scheduled Closure

Closure to Accommodate Paramount Pictures’ Filming of ‘A Quiet Place II’ and Support New York State’s Growing Film Industry Which Has Grossed More Than $26 Billion Since 2011

The New York State Thruway Authority today announced the northbound South Grand Island Bridge will be closed to all traffic Sunday, Aug. 25 from midnight until 1 p.m. All traffic traveling northbound on the Niagara Thruway (I-190) entering Grand Island will be diverted to a single lane on the southbound South Grand Island Bridge during the scheduled closure.
Additionally, the exit 17 entrance ramp from River Road to I-190 north will also be closed. Traffic on River Road desiring to go north on I-190 will need to enter I-190 north from Grand Island Boulevard.
During the same period, New York State Police will be performing periodic traffic slowdowns and stoppages for southbound and northbound traffic.
Motorists traveling through Grand Island in both directions are advised to expect severe delays, especially after 9 a.m. and are encouraged to avoid the area or seek alternate routes, if possible.

The scheduled closure is to accommodate Paramount Pictures and the filming of ‘A Quiet Place II’ which has been filming in the Western New York region since July. The thriller, Directed by John Krasinski, is expected to hire more than 400 people in the WNY area and invest more than $10 million into the regional economy.
According to Empire State Development, New York's $420 million film incentive program is one of the best in the nation. Since 2011, film and television productions have spent more than $26.4 billion in New York State and more than 1.5 million jobs have been created as a result. 
Information on the scheduled closures and delays are displayed on Variable Message Signs (VMS) in the Grand Island area
Motorists are encouraged to download the Thruway’s mobile app which is available to download for free on iPhone and Android devices.
Travelers can also sign up for TRANSalert e-mails, which provide the latest traffic conditions along the Thruway.
Traffic information is also available on the Thruway’s interactive Traveler Map.


For the first time in many years, rabies has been detected on Grand Island. Please use necessary precautions with your pets and make sure your animals are up to date on rabies vaccinations. For more information, visit: 

Rabies brochure

Free rabies clinics

Positive rabies locations:

The Town has a multi-year contract with Pinto for the collection of garbage on a weekly basis. This contract has specific weekly limits in order to keep the cost down for our residents.

The limits are as follows:

  • Containers, bags or bushels shall not exceed 60 lbs. in weight, excluding bulk items.
  • Material not in cans or bags should be securely tied in bundles, not more than 4’ in length.
  • The weekly pickup limit is 10 bags or containers
  • One bulk item is included as part of the 10 items

Large remodeling projects either by homeowners or contractors which create a large quantity of heavy or bulk items should contact Pinto for discounted options, or other vendor, for removal of these items which could not be taken by a normal weekly pickup, thus creating a violation of Town Law.

According to Town Law, Section 218-4 (B) litter and garbage shall not be stored or piled on land within the Town except to facilitate delivery to a refuse collector. Items shall not be stored in anticipation of such collection for a period in excess of 72 consecutive hours, without resulting in violation of Town Law.


The Nike Base Community Center will be closed for renovations on May 20 through November 2019.


All items in storage areas are to be removed by May 19th

More Information.

Erie County Hazardous Waste Collection Events - 2019

Residents will be required to pre-register to attend a collection event.

More info

Sign up for alerts from Pinto Sanitation to be notified of any changes to your garbage collection services.

Residents may call: 1-518-471-5300.

Supervisor McMurray and NYS Thruway confirm number residents may call for EZ Pass toll concerns. Click here to read. 

Pay on time, avoid violation charges.

The easiest way to avoid cashless tolling fines is to purchase an EZPass tag from the Town Clerk's Office or one of the other EZPass-On-The-Go retailer locations, and set up automatic replenishment and account notifications. Fines accrue when non-EZPass drivers fail to pay a Tolls-By-Mail bill, or when EZPass drivers have a violation attached to their account (usually due to low fund balance or misuse of the EZPass tag).

According to the NYS Thruway Authority, "motorists have approximately 30 days to pay a toll bill. If payment is not received by the due date, a second toll bill is sent with a $5 late fee. If the second bill is not paid by the due date, the toll bill escalates to a toll violation, and the motorist is mailed a Notice of Toll Violation (in an orange envelope) with a violation fee. Violation fees are $50 per trip for travel over the Grand Island Bridges."

View photos HERE and HERE.


For more information, click HERE.