1992 Parks, Recreation, and Open Space Plan


Recreational opportunities are available to town residents through town, state, school, private, and commercial facilities, as well as through open spaces and trails. 

Open space offers important values to the Town.  In addition to designated parks and recreational sites, open space offers aesthetic values through scenic corridors and vistas, agricultural lands, woodlots, waterways, and similar spaces.  Lands set aside to protect environmentally sensitive features such as wetlands, flood plains, unique sites,  or stormwater retention and detention areas likewise contribute to the quality of life of the community.

Town policy requires the setting aside of ten percent of residential development parcels for recreation purposes. 

A system of bicycle trails and pedestrian accessways has been initiated on Grand Island.  Subdivision plans have included accessways to lands set aside for recreation, rights of way for trails, and/or sidewalks along the street corridors.

1992 Parks, Recreation, and Open Space Plan