Verizon Fiber Optic Service FiOS Availability

The Town of Grand Island Technology Advisory Board promotes using technology to enhance its residents' lives.

In May 2023, Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg said that the company was "reassessing" its plans and that it was "committed to bringing fiber to as many homes and businesses as possible."

Verizon has not yet announced specific plans for Western New York, but the company will likely focus on areas with high demand for high-speed internet. Some towns that may be included in the buildout include Grand Island, Niagara Falls, and Buffalo.

The availability of fiber-to-the-home internet has become increasingly important in recent years as more and more people rely on online services for work, school, and entertainment. Fiber-to-the-home offers speeds that are much faster than traditional copper-based internet connections, making it ideal for streaming video, gaming, and other bandwidth-intensive applications.

If Verizon does decide to build fiber to the home in Western New York, it would be a major boost for the region. The company's investment would help to create jobs and improve the economy, and it would also give residents and businesses access to the fastest internet speeds available.

Verizon is the incumbent Telephone wireline Local Exchange Carrier (LEC) for the Town of Grand Island, they already have poles and conduit facilities in place to support connectivity to homes and businesses on Grand Island. These facilities significantly reduce the time and expense of the “make ready” work necessary to bring fiber to the home. High demand will drive the business case for the new FiOS service on Grand Island. The link below will take you to a Verizon website where you can check availability. Sign up to show your interest. Our Technology Advisory Board is committed to helping bring fast, reliable, competitively priced high-speed broadband service to Grand Island. 

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