Do I need a building permit?

Requirements for Building Permit Application

  • Please refer to Chapter 125 and Chapter 407 of the Code of the Town of Grand Island before considering any construction project. Be advised that your project may be subject to review by the Architectural Review Board and or the Zoning Board of Appeals. If you have a commercial project, site plan approval will be required from the Planning Board and the Town Board.
  • Refer to Chapter 125, Section 125-5A2 of the Town Code to see if your project requires a building permit.
  • Refer to Chapter 125 (Construction Code) of the Town Code for the projects that require a building permit, such as a dwelling, garage, dock deck, pools, solar panels, generator, etc. Please note that as of October 3, 2016, the State of New York recognizes the codes from the International Code Council. Please contact your design professional or the Town Building department for any assistance with these codes.
  • Be advised that a Grand Island licensed electrician and/or plumber are required to perform this type of work.
  • Refer to Chapter 407 for your Zoning requirements, such as setback and height requirements, special use permits, agricultural animal permits, and variance applications.
  • Refer to Chapter 407 Schedules 1 through 4 for references to setback requirements in all districts, off-street parking requirements, and Zoning schedule of use controls in all districts.
  • Refer to Section 407-18 for Special setback requirements such as riverside and county road setbacks.
  • Please review Section 407-5 (Compliance required), Section 407-9 (Word Usage), and Section 407-10 (Definitions) of the Zoning Code.
  • After you have reviewed the requirements for your project please submit all your information to the Building and Zoning Department for code review.

Please contact the Building and Zoning Department at 716-773-9600 ext. 646, should you need any assistance or have any questions.

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