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1. I recently sold my home, how do I close my account?
2. I am purchasing a home in Grand Island, how do I open an account?
3. I recently moved to Grand Island and haven’t received a water bill. When can I expect it?
4. I went away for most of the winter. Why did I still get charged with a water bill?
5. Do I have to pay the sewer charge on water that does not directly go into the sewer (swimming pools, sprinkler systems)?
6. I made my last payment using on-line banking and the funds were withdrawn before the due date. Why am I seeing a late fee on my current bill?
7. The due date of the 15th falls on the weekend when Town Hall is closed. How do I pay my bill without penalty?
8. I just came home and found a notice on my door from the water department. What does it mean?